Why Oyster Estates?

Residential Property Management ImageWe know you have a choice of many good agents who you are able to turn to for expert advice. At Oyster Estates, we believe we offer you a balanced combination of knowledge, skills and services and are confident we are able to add value to the service you receive, managing your property and make your tenancy run as smoothly as possible. Our successful formula involves having staff for specific tasks including maintenance, property inspections and accounts, enabling us to be proactive on your behalf. 

The primary role of Oyster Estates in its duty as leasehold managing agent and letting agent, is to manage the asset for the landlord by fully understanding the lease or tenancy agreement.  For lessees, we provide services that enhance the value of your property and for tenants; we facilitate the smooth running of the tenancy by regularly inspecting the property and responding rapidly to any queries.

Oyster Estates believes in giving you the facts so you are better informed about your property at any time.  We support this by keeping our local knowledge and contacts current and extensive, staying up to date with relevant changes to legislation and, most importantly, communicating with you on a regular basis.

What we do for you

As a minimum, our property managers inspect the communal parts of all our managed properties on a quarterly basis.  This allows us to monitor and maintain standards of health and safety, cleanliness and general maintenance. This information is vital for both efficient cost control and budget monitoring.  It is also important for maintaining standards expected by lessees and ultimately in maintaining the value of the residential block. The importance of forward financial planning as a result of regular visits should not be underestimated and the advantage of programming major works to agreed time scales makes for easier collection of service charges.

Communication and Training

Good communication is at the heart of what we offer and we appreciate both our reputation and growth is connected to your success. Part of the way we achieve this is by encouraging and training our staff to become experts in their subject. As a condition of employment, we insist upon continual staff training through external industry related professional training centres. All new staff are expected to have passed exams relevant to their position within their first year with us. This encourages personal growth and sharing of information within Oyster Estates, which we feel has a positive impact on you, our client.

Our Fees

Our terms and conditions are transparent and clearly define what we do and how we charge for it.  Our rates are competitive: However, we believe the benefits of our service should outweigh your decision to purchase based on cost alone.


Oyster Estates use vetted contractors and place strong emphasis on building mutual long-term trusting relationships and therefore our client’s priority to these contractors. This ensures high levels of workmanship, fair pricing and quick response times as a result of the regular work we give them. We insist all our contractors have and maintain public liability insurance before working for us.

Environmental Issues

Like everyone, we are conscious of the environmental issues facing the world and are actively involved in offering advice on energy saving and waste disposal schemes, reducing carbon emissions in the properties we manage.  We install low energy bulbs whenever we can and devote time to evaluating innovations in property efficiency.

Listening to you

We are keen to understand the level of service you require. Is it to manage your property and report occasionally or is it to work closely with you by setting goals for the development of your portfolio? Our commitment to providing you with an ongoing quality service involves our leasehold management systems and processes being annually reviewed by qualified external leasehold management consultants.  On the letting side of our business, we endeavour to understand what you need from your property investment, whether this consists of one property or a substantial portfolio.

Local Community

Oyster Estates have a role in local community social issues and are actively involved with some of our landlords in the long-term housing of people with mild learning difficulties and those with brain injuries. Our strategy offers a safe environment for these tenants with special needs and gives our landlords excellent long-term occupancy rates – overall a win-win situation.  Please contact us if you would like more information.